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Welcome to Passion Party, the best place to find women and men that are looking for group sex. So many of them are hosts of sex parties or have group sex regularly and want new participants, so you can easily find group sex here.

Rough Threesome

So this can be huge orgies or gangbangs, or simply couples that want a new partner to make a threesome. So most of the women and men on this site are looking for group sex, or are hosts of group sex like a sex party or orgy which you can join if you meet what they are looking for.

Group sex is amazing if you want to explore much more exciting sex and enjoy sex with lots of different people, and if you’re bisexual then this can be even better as you can enjoy both sexes at the same time. Most women are bisexual and so love these orgies and sex parties as they can enjoy the men and the women, often at the same time!

So as well as the more standard group sex you can also find more specific types of group sex like gangbangs where lots of men have sex with one woman or events like bukkake where lots of men cum on one or more women, it just depends on what you are looking for. Then there are also lots of orgies with a bondage theme or of a specific kink and so you can really find all sorts online here.

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